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‘Pokémon Go’ Tips And Cheats: Making Do With Niantic’s New Tracker; Rare Spawning Pokémons on Sponsored Pokéstops? [Video]


"Pokémon Go" tips and cheats help players make do with Niantic's improved tracker, which makes it even more difficult to look for specific Pokémon with "Sightings" gone. Moreover, the Niantic's new tracker may bring exclusive Pokémon spawns in specific sponsored Pokéstops that will not only make you wander around, but also encourage you to spend.

Niantic's new tracker system for "Pokémon Go" has frustrated many players, but despite the backlash the tracker remains unchanged for months, meaning, players will have to make do with it and learn a few important "Pokémon Go" tips and cheats. Now that "Sightings' is only for rural areas with very few Pokéstops, players will just have to maximize the "Nearby" feature as much as they can.

The "Nearby" feature in Niantic's new tracker helps players determine the Pokémons that are gathering in the nearest Pokéstop. "Pokémon Go" players need to click on the particular Pokémon that they want before heading to the Pokéstop where it can be found.

The Pokémon could despawn before a player can even get there so the trick to playing "Pokémon Go" is to keep on walking. The bubble footprint in Niantic's new tracker will also give you a telltale clue that a Pokémon is nearby. Once a Pokémon is in sight, players can throw Pokéballs in order to catch it.

Note that "Sightings" will still work for "Pokémon GO" rural players, who may be 200 meters away from the nearest Pokéstop, Kotaku has learned. For urban areas where three Pokéstops can be found in just one block, "Nearby" is the feature that players can access.

There has been tremendous complaints from "Pokémon Go" players about Niantic's new tracker, which removed "Sightings" as a tool for all. Niantic may have put the new system in place based on two theories according to Forbes.

One is that Niantic is making a marketing decision to have sponsored Pokéstops where exclusive Pokémon spawns may appear. In this way, "Pokémon Go" players will be enticed to buy. For instance, a rare spawn in MacDonalds could bring in "Pokémon Go" players, who are potential customers.

The other theory is that Niantic's new tracker for "Pokémon Go" is a way for the company to avoid legal accountability especially when players can get hit by cars while glued to their phones hunting for Pokémon. The Pokéstops provide a safer way to enjoy the game without the fear of injury or even trespassing.

Meanwhile, Niantic will be making a big announcement on Dec. 12, which will surely be covered on this site. For more "Pokemon Go" tips and cheats, read it first here.

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