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Warren Buffett Says The U.S Will Be Wealthier After The Trump Presidency


Warren Buffett is one of the wealthiest and most respected citizens of the United States. He is also a very vocal Hillary Clinton supporter, even conducting several fundraisers for her during the election campaign. However, he declared in a recent interview that America will be richer after the Trump presidency.

In a recent interview with Fortune, the Oracle of Omaha declared that he is still confident about America and its future. He even said that President Donald Trump will not derail the economy in fact, the United States will even be wealthier after he finishes his term.

Warren Buffett is confident about America and said that its "aggregate output" will keep going up. He showed that confidence and faith by declaring that the same stocks he was buying and selling for many years are the same after the election. In short, he was not affected by what happened. He's not even affected by what Trump has been declaring.

For example, when Trump said that he won't subsidize wind farms because it kills most of the birds, Warren Buffett was unfazed. It's common knowledge that he has already invested $15 billion in developing wind energy. He is a great believer in the untapped power of wind to provide an alternate energy source.

Despite that, he is quick to say that Trump deserves respect just like anyone else. On the other hand, he expressed his skepticism over one of Trump's campaign promises about growing the economy fast adding the math is too extraordinary. Instead of the 4 percent Trump promised, he said that 2 percent of annual growth over a period of few years is enough to increase wages and gain more in the stock market.

He then added that there is no other way America is going but up. "You can't stop this country." he said.

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