Owners of 2016 MacBook Pro Experience Major Graphic Issues; Third-Party Software Blamed; But Users Blame Hardware [VIDEO]


A number of recently released 2016 MacBook Pro are having major problems with its graphics intensive programs, which is what these devices are usually used for. Sources familiar with the matter blame third-party software for these issues, but some users argue that it could be the hardware that caused these graphics problem.

Right after the 2016 MacBook Pro was released last month, there were a few reports of graphic issues, Apple Insider reported. Recently, those reports increased, with most of those complains coming from owners of the 13" and 15" 2016 MacBook Pros.  

Some of the major issues are graphic rendering problems, screen tearing, screen artefacts, random glitches, flashing, and even issues as worse as system crashes.

Reports Points to Third Party Software

There are no official reports, especially from Apple, on the real reason for these issues. However, people familiar with the matter claim that problems with the code in third-party software are the major reasons for the graphic problems, Mobipicker reported. 

Initial reports tried and failed to isolate the issue, giving the impression that the glitches were caused by an unknown hardware issue. Some experts pointed out that the GPU inside 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro models was the culprit.

However, since there were no initial reports on the real reason, most users speculate that hardware issues are the real reason. Meanwhile, experts believe that the GPU inside the 2016 MacBook Pro variants was to blame.

Apple Handles Issues Properly

MacRumors' Jan Becker reported a serious case about his new 15" MacBook Pro with AMD Radeon Pro 460 GPU which crashed while using the Adobe Premiere Pro. He brought the device to an Apple store to get replaced. Fortunately, Apple handled the incident and called Becker.

Apple has notified users of the new 2016 MacBook Pro to contact Apple support or set an appointment with for a Genius Bar in case they experience any of these problems.

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