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The Top 3 Jobs With The Highest And Lowest Salaries


A lot of people have romanticized education and career that they often think that if you follow or do what you love, money will follow. While this is true to some extent, reality tells us that there are jobs that pay high and those are jobs that pay low no matter how much you love them or hate them. So what are these top 3 jobs with the highest and lowest salaries? 

Top 3 Jobs With the Highest Salaries

According to Payscale, those at the top tier are engineering jobs. The type of engineer that gets the highest pay are petroleum engineers, which has an early career salary range of $96,000 per year. At its peak, a senior petroleum engineer can earn the median salary of $176,000 per year.

The high salary comes with great risks as they have to extract gas and oil from the most dangerous parts of the world, deep below the ground or in the middle of the ocean. That is also the reason why they pay much because petroleum engineering is considered as high-risk jobs.

In second and third spots of the highest paying jobs are systems engineers and actuarial scientists. Systems engineers have a median salary of $121, 000 per year while actuarial scientists have $119,000. Chemical engineers have the same median salary as actuaries so they get the third spot together.

Top 3 Lowest Paying Jobs

The careers that belong to the Top 3 lowest paying jobs are those that are, sad to say, in the field of education. The lowest is Early Childhood Education which has a median salary of $37,500 per year.

In the second and third bottom are Child & Family Studies and Early Childhood & Elementary Education. Child & Family Studies major have a job that pays $40,700 a year waiting for them. On the other hand, Early Childhood & Elementary Education majors can earn a median salary of $41,900 every year.

Despite the bleak figures for those in the education sector, the National Education Association say that these figures vary according to the city or state where you are. Therefore, location matters when it comes to pay.

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