‘Final Fantasy XV’ Guide: What Every Player Should Know; Summon A God In Main Storyline For Spectacular Graphics? [Video]


The "Final Fantasy XV" guide provides players on the basics tools to easily level up in the game, earn AP, increase stamina, unlock car, and more. Although the sidequests are already entertaining, the main storyline enable players to summon a god as an ally, which can be a spectacular sight to see.

Earning APs Fast in "Final Fantasy XV"

Level up in "Final Fantasy XV" and earn AP faster by defeating enemies using moves like warp strike, parry or blindside. For every enemy slaughtered the player gets 1 AP. Take advantage of enemies with low health, use warp strike fast by clicking on Triangle/Y.

Players may also earn AP by camping in different locations and completing tours or side quests, which can give as much as 20 AP per player. Other ways to get AP fast in "Final Fantasy XV" include, using of skills, roadrunning by everyone, Chocojockeying and winning in a Chocobo race, or driving bonuses.

 Acquiring Unlimited Stamina in "Final Fantasy XV"

Noctis, the lead character in "Final Fantasy XV", can only run for a limited time so every player needs to activate the overhead stamina bar found on the screen. Holding the circle button until it is almost empty, release then click it after half a second refills Noctis' Stamina, according to Mashable.

Unlocking the Regalia Type F in "Final Fantasy XV"

The "Final Fantasy VX" implemented the use of old airship trope of the series. However, the Flying Car can only be unlocked after finishing the main story.

The player will have to reach a point where Umbra, the adorable canine encountered by Noctis in the beginning, will allow a return to Eos, where Noctis must bring down three Niflheim bases. Afterwards, the "Into Unknown Frontiers" quest at the Hammerhead will be unlocked. To use the Flying Car, visit Cindy according to Siliconera.

Spells and Elemancy in "Final Fantasy XV"

"Final Fantasy XV" spells are the most complicated of the series, where these need to be crafted then equipped. Though crafting can be tricky, an important thing to remember is that the final element in the spell is based on the higher amount of element used. For instance, using 81 Fire and 79 of Ice will yield Fira with a base power of 160, GamingBolt has learned.

To recap, the "Final Fantasy XV" may have a disjointed storyline, but its side quests and main story surprises are enough to keep players engaged and entertained. Moreover, players will have something to look forward to without giving away any spoilers, like summoning a god to help them in combat and get treated with spectacular visuals unique to the game.

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