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‘The Mummy’ Update: Princess Ahmanet's Evil Eye Is One Good Scare For Everyone [Video]


Anyone up for a real thriller and suspense movies? The rebooted "The Mummy" with Tom Cruise as lead has in store for fans a mix of fright and adventure.

Has anyone noticed the two pupils in the eyes of the Egyptian Princess Ahmanet int he recently released trailer? Her eyes which is also called "Pupula Duplex" is just an indication of how scary the movie is. The "pupula duplex" is one of the medicine's old myth and is also called and evil eye that can kill just by staring at the subject for a longer time.

Based on the myth, those people who possess an evil eye can bring illness and even pain to those they envy. It is also considered a sign of witchcraft though there some exceptions like that of Liu Ch'ung, a Chinese State Minister who was born with double iris but doesn't have the power of witchcraft.

Going back to the upcoming movie "The Mummy," which is the first of the Universal Monster Universe. "The Mummy" stars Tom Cruise is in no relation to Brendan Fraser's "The Mummy" movies and is not a sequel either. Tom Cruise will play the role of a military leader who will try to stop princess Ahmanet from destroying the city of London

The Universal Monster Universe similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a shared universe of the different action-adventure movies including the rebooted versions from the original series which is developed by Universal Studios. The Monster Universe will feature the reboot version of the following films:

  •  "The Mummy"
  •  "Invisible Man"
  •  "Wolf Man"
  •  "Van Helsing"
  •  "Creature from the Black Lagoon"
  •  "Bride of Frankenstein"

Notice that "Dracula Untold" is no longer part of the Universe despite the fact that the film has made a whopping $217 Million worldwide from the budget of $70M, Forbes reported. This may have disappointed some but, decision still lies to the developer anyway.

"The Mummy" is finally slated to release on June 9, 2017 after some changes in the schedules.

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