Advice on How to Ace Your Next Job Interview from Goldman Sachs HR Chief, Edith Cooper


The ultimate objective of the recruitment process is not to fill in vacant seats and slots in the company, but to hire people that will eventually serve as assets to the business. With this being said, it's not hard to understand how tough the recruitment process is for many companies. One crucial part of the selection process is the interview and here are some of the tips that Edith Cooper, global head of Human Capital Management for Goldman Sachs, would like to share.

Tell your story

Your resume has already gotten the attention of your hiring manager, now it's time for you to elaborate what's written in there. When you explain the content of your resume, narrate it in such a way that it sounds as if you are just telling someone a story. It would be best if you support the content of your resume with specific examples of critical incidents which happened in the past.

Do your own research

It is always better to come in prepared. Of course you have the idea about the industry of the company you are applying for but it would also be a plus if you know their trend, their performance against their competitors, their challenges as well as strengths.

Listen and proactively ask questions

When you ask question, you are giving them the impression that you are prepared and that you also did your research. It will also show them that you are paying attention. By doing this, you can drive a natural connection and conversation with the interviewer and that should work to your advantage.

Be yourself

You don't need to pretend to be someone else you are not just to impress your interviewer. Make them see your value despite certain differences. They will appreciate you more.

Value the little things

These are the very basic things which can still make a huge difference like being courteous, being on time and professional during the interview, being friendly, and being in a proper dress code.

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