'It's Not The Battery, Stupid' -- Samsung Finds Cause Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes [VIDEO]


Following the worldwide recall of the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the first suspect for the disaster was a faulty battery. But as to the how and why it explodes, consumers were left hanging -- until today. To find out why the device's battery explodes, Samsung had taken measures to determine what causes it.  To their surprise, the battery is not the culprit after all.

Instrumental Technology, a company that helps hardware companies like Samsung find and fix issues caused by workmanship, design and process, found out why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes. The company learned during its investigation that the battery was positioned too tightly inside the phone. This creates pressure to the smartphone's normal operation that causes the battery's layers of lithium oxide to touch the graphite, hence the explosion.

Samsung must have been aggressive in creating a new innovation like that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which is somehow a smart move for the design but they had sacrificed the efficiency and safety. Looking at the position of the battery, it is sitting close to the margin which means that when pressure from the use of the device is added, the battery swells. Now, since the battery is close enough, the thin polymer separator is squeezed causing the positive layer to touch the negative and the explosion of the battery in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the first of Samsung to use non-removable battery, a new innovation that caused the company to push boundaries. Samsung must have tried and tested the battery and the device a thousand times before releasing it to the public but why didn't it turn out to be unsuccessful?

Instrumental stated in a blog post that maybe and it's possible that the manufacturing process of Samsung's innovative battery wasn't consistent during the development process of the device and so, the newest batteries were not tested, Mashable reported.

Now that it is already identified that since there isn't enough room in the battery slot of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, according to the reports, using a smaller battery will not resolve the issue. So, it is better to return the phone and get a replacement or wait for the new Samsung Galaxy Note.

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