PlayStation Experience 2016: 'Knack 2' Gets A Big Lift From Sony, Gameplay Trailer Also Revealed, Will The Game Finally Release On PS4?


Sony is getting some brand new title this year. The Japanese giant this week introduced the sequel, "Knack 2" at the PlayStation Experience 2016 event in Anaheim, California. The Japanese company also unveiled the trailer to the sequel of the PS4 launch game Knack.

This is not the first time the crowd has heard "Knack 2." The Sony sequel has been rumored to have been in development for PS4 in the past. But it's release date has yet to be announced, according to Siliconera.

First released in 2013, Knack is a hand-to-hand combat video game that has been developed by SCE Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the Sony PlayStation. The game was written and directed by PS4 architect Mark Cerny.

The Gameplay:
According to the developer, "Knack" is a platforming beat 'em up the game in which player's control the title character Knack through a series of level, traveling from start to finish while battling enemies such as humans robots or vehicles. Players must find secret hidden objects to get a Knack upgrade and continue their journey.

Game Development:
According to Digital Trends, "Knack" was originally released in 2013 as a launch title for the PlayStation 4. Sony has decided to do this because they wanted to prove that the PS4's launch lineup did not exclusively consist of big-budget first-person shooters. However, some analysts questioned this decision, mainly because of the fact that this business strategy tactic has been employed by Sony before in other products.

Sony believes that they are making the right move in Knack. It's a brand new title with promising visuals, something that fans would love.In many ways, the game wasn't just an original concept, but a part of a much larger strategy to show off the huge potential of the PS4 when it comes to gaming.

Promoting and Release
To help Knack in the gaming market, Sony has decided to release a free mobile game called Knack's Quest, a sort of tile-matching puzzle game for iOS and Android-powered devices. The mobile game allows connectivity with players' PlayStation Network accounts to unlock special relics within the main Knack game. Upon release in 2013, Knack has been praised for its original concept but has been criticized for its gameplay.

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