'Street Fighter 5' Update: Akuma Is Coming; Skills Updated [Video]


"Street Fighter" players have considered Akuma as one of the best characters of the game and the recent announcement about Akuma coming back to "Street Fighter 5" has made some fans a bit nostalgic. It has been confirmed by Capcom, Akuma will be available starting Dec. 20.

Akuma is just one of the pack of 5 characters that will be available for the "Street Fighter 5." Fans of Akuma are warned, he looks a bit different now as compared to his last appearance in the "Street Fighter 4." In his return to the "Street Fighter 5", he will be sporting a long hairstyle but still wears his classic attire, the traditional dark blue Gi, GameSpot reported. Another change is the removal of the word "heaven" that is written in kanji on his back but is replaced by the kanji of "godlike person," Forbes reported.

According to Capcom, in Akuma's return to "Street Fighter 5," he will display his mastery of Ansatsuken and will possess a devastating combos and a quicker footwork. As for his skills, Capcom also revealed that his V-skill in the "Street Fighter 5" is now updated to parry setup which is also called Rakan. Now, with the V-trigger updated to Dohatsu Shoten, Akuma will now be able to unleash his multiple Gohadokens while for the Critical arts, he got two ground based attack called Sekia Koretsuha and his trademark attack called Goku Satsu.

The highly-anticipated "Street Fighter 5" will also have a character pass which will also be available on Dec. 20 in the amount of $29.99 so grab the chance now. Another good news. Capcom said: they will "grant pass holders with Akuma, in addition to 5 new fighters as they join the fray throughout 2017. The company added that the pass comes with Premium Battle Costumes wherein the 3-10 colors are unlocked and the default costume are 3 -10 colors for each character and the pass holders will then receive PS4 theme, Engadget reported.

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