‘Overwatch’ Player Reaches 5,000 Skill Ratings In ‘Overwatch’ Season 3; Achieved In Only 8 Hours Of Playing Roadhog? [VIDEO]


An "Overwatch" player hits the skill rating ceiling of 5,000 in "Overwatch" season 3, the highest score achieved using the new skill rating system starting from zero to 5,000. The Roadhog player reached the highest possible score after playing for only eight hours, alarming other "Overwatch" pro players.

"Overwatch" season 3 officially started in Dec. 1 with just three days into the competition. However, an "Overwatch" pro player from Korea has already reached the skill rating cap of 5,000 and now dubbed as the "Overwatch" Grand Master.

Koo Kyo Min who goes by the handle, Evermore, is the very first player to reach the 5,000 skill rating mark, establishing him as one of the most skillful "Overwatch" player in the history of "Overwatch" season 3. Evermore is part of the Team KongDoo Panthera, which was eliminated in the group stages of the "Overwatch" APEX Season 1 Tournament in Korea last November, PC Games reported.

Evermore accomplished the 5,000 skill rating cap in just eight hours, prompting skeptics to be alarmed if such feat is really achievable. It should be noted that the new skill ratings system set by Blizzard for "Overwatch" season 2 now follows the new skill rating tiers starting from zero to 5,000.

In order to evenly distribute players across a wider range, sharing with more or less the same skills, Jeff Kaplan revealed in a recent blizzcon that "Overwatch" creator, Blizzard, will institute a different ranking system, iDigital Times has learned. For many "Overwatch" players, the new skill rating system seems to favor those with more than 3,000 scores, boosting their skill ratings significantly while those with lower than 3,000 have struggled to keep up.

Moreover, Reddit users have raised concern over the accomplishment of Evermore, reaching 5,000 skill rating in just eight hours. This concern comes after the heel of another top "Overwatch" pro player who goes by the handle, Geguri, also from Korea, who was forced to prove her skills amidst cheating allegations thrown by her opponents.

The fact that Evermore started with a high skill rating of 4,700 partly explained why the Korean player easily reached the 5,000 mark plus the fact that there were "after placement bonus" that further pushed up his skill rating. The new skill rating changes retained by "Overwatch" season 3 from the previous season enabled Evermore to be the best "Overwatch" player to date.

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