iPhone 7, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S7 In A Speed Test; Samsung Galaxy S7 Still Reigns As Android King? [VIDEO]


The iPhone 7, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S7 underwent a speed test to determine which smartphone can load different apps in quick succession. The Samsung Galaxy S7 since its debut has always topped smartphone tests among all the Android smartphones, but it may soon be dethroned by Google Pixel.

When it comes to performance, Apple's iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 have been closely competing in processor performance, camera specs, battery and storage capacities. Samsung devices have topped previous tests, establishing the South Koreans as the Android king, but not for long. It seems that Google Pixel may be outperforming the Samsung Galaxy S7 in the raw power category.

Speed is one of many important aspects of an efficient smartphone that buyers often consider prior to making purchases. Hence, a speed test is crucial in determining which smartphone can offer optimal performance especially when handsets are also used for various heavy-duty apps like games, video editing or even opening large image files.

For this purpose, TechRadar has pitted the iPhone 7, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, HTC 10, and the Sony Xperia XZ. The speed test required all six smartphones to load eight varying apps in quick succession, including games, video editing and loading of 3D graphics file.

The speed test puts the Apple iPhone 7 as the fastest smartphone clocking at only one minute and 11 seconds. Surprisingly, Google Pixel comes in second with only two minutes and three seconds, while Samsung Galaxy S7 is only at third place with two minutes and 18 seconds. Fourth place goes to the HTC 10, followed by the LG G5 at fifth place and the Sony XZ at last place.

The Apple iPhone 7 breezes through the speed test, which indicates that Apple has packed its flagship device with a powerful processor. The iPhone 7's performance may be credited to the fact that Apple makes its own chipset and software, striking a balance of power and efficiency, the express has learned.

The only weakness of the iPhone 7 as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S7 is that the Apple device has not innovated with the phone's design for the last two years. The Google Pixel being the newest player in the arena may not have a bezel-less design, but its loyal users praise its impeccable display.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has been dethroned by the Google Pixel in the speed test topped by the iPhone 7. Nonetheless, the speed test is not exactly indicative of real-world performance, which may yield different results.

The top three devices, namely, the iPhone 7, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy S7 are known to rank high in amazing camera specs and long battery lives. With the newest speed test, consumers will now have additional information in making wise purchases.

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