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Dec 05, 2016 06:06 AM EST

Silicon Valley Exec Deeply Troubled With Trump’s ‘Horrific Behavior’; Plans to Double Diversity and Inclusion in Workplace to Fight Racism [VIDEO]


Leading Tech Activist and Kapor Capital partner Freada Kapor Klein is deeply troubled with the victory of Donald Trump, who is notorious for his racism and bigotry. She pushed that Silicon Valley's response to Trump Should be to step out of their bubble. Klein encouraged leaders like herself to step up and double down on inclusion and diversity in their workplace to stop racism and economic inequality.

Fear of Racism in San Fransisco

Klein said that Technology is never neutral, and that it is about time to make a stand against Trump's 'horrific behaviour," Tech Crunch reported. Racism is feared to become rampant, especially in San Francisco. The seat of technology in the country is a melting pot of races, and tech executives fear that racism will become rampant in the area, especially with the possible free use of the "N" word.

Collaborate with Washington

Octane AI founder Ben Parr told reporters that tech companies should collaborate with Washington, NPR reported. Silicon Valley has been soul-searching after Donald Trump's victory. Most of these tech companies even condemn Facebook and Google for playing a part in spreading fake stories about Hillary Clinton, who most Silicon Valley companies had supported in the election period.

According to Parr, the empathy of Silicon Valley towards the 2016 electoral race shows that it is in a "bubble" in the issue of politics.

Soul Searching Silicon Valley

Parr said there are three points to ponder on when it comes to Silicon Valley and the victory of Donald Trump. First is how technology is moving so fast that it can automate a lot of jobs, which means a lot of people are losing their jobs. Second point is that, this could be the reason why a lot of people in the rural area voted for Trump, since they lost their jobs to automated machines. Third and most important point for Silicon Valley to ponder on is how to generate more jobs while still pushing technological innovations.

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