Top Personality Traits That Will Get You Hired


If you are looking for a job, what's on your resume may be, yes, very important to land that job, but, you also should have the personality that your dream company is looking for. Recent research states that majority of the employers are now looking at the "cultural fit" of the applicants more than their skills. We're not saying that your skills are not going to make a difference, but possessing these qualities can definitely catch the attention of your potential employers.

Willingness to learn

Employers appreciate and value their employees who constantly show that they thirst for new knowledge, those who do not just settle to what they already know, and those who always yearn to learn and master a new skillset. This sends your employer the impression that as an employee, you will not get left behind with the growth of the company.

Integrity and Honesty

More than anything, employers value people who are honest with their time and their work, those who work really hard for the benefit of the company and not just work to get paid. Employees who brilliantly find ways for shortcuts are never considered assets but are rather a liability.

Particular to details

It is an edge for an employee when he or she puts a lot of attention to details because this is an indication that a person produces quality work.


Even working relationships need trust. Employers need employees who share the same vision and realize these visions as if it's their own.


Confidence is an indication that a person can be a leader because he can stand by his own decisions and opinions and is able to justify them. These are the people who can express their perspectives and be able to stay receptive to what others have to say.

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