Career Advice: The Hardest Job Interview Question and How to Handle It


When you are invited for a job interview, recruiters think that you're a good match for the position and the interview is the place to prove them right. The candidate needs to show that he has the skills to do the job, moreover, that he wants it, 'badly'.

That's not a desperate 'badly' but more of proving and showing, "I am the superstar you've been waiting for." So how would any candidate convince them he is indeed the one?

Tejune Kang, founder of 6D Global shares his thoughts and how he goes about hiring a team member to help him win the game.

Mr. Kang says he goes about the same interview basics with the objective of assessing the applicant's drive and hunger. His questions include:

  • How candidates determine their goals?

  • What motivates them then and now?

  • Are you competitive and when was the last time you competed?

  • What did the candidate liked about winning or what he didn't like about losing?

Tejune will then make a mental assessment then will compliment the candidate by telling him that he have the right education, experience and skills. He goes on to say however, that every employee in their company have the same quality and that he doesn't see anything special that cuts the candidate above the rest.

He ends his statement by saying, "I'm sorry, but I just don't think this is the right fit for you."

The he waits for the magic to happen.

Sometimes it happens but most times, it doesn't and the applicants walk away. Nine out of 10 does but the great ones don't. At least not without making their case. While others will pull themselves together and thank the interviewer for their time, the great ones will tell you, "I think you're wrong. I am here for a reason and you're not seeing that."

Tejune says the superstars rise to the challenge. They don't give up when things don't go their way and that holds true for a job they truly want. Superstars are those that push past barriers and push back when needed.

That includes telling the boss he's wrong, telling him why and offering options and solutions. People who would work to remove roadblocks to achieve desired results are very rare gems that businesses need.

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