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Sebastian Stan: The New ‘Captain America’?


Is the Marvel Winter Soldier officially playing the new Captain America? In an Instagram post, which was posted 4 days ago, Nov. 29, Sebastian Stan hinted that he might be the newest Captain America.

In his official Instagram account, Stan posted a picture of him carrying shield which looks similar to that favorite weapon of Captain America with a Winter Soldier star located in the middle. In the photo, he put the caption: "Excuse me...Where's the restroom? A big thank you and shout out to Casey Mcbroom @shield_labs for making this for me. Will come in handy... #wintersoldier #marvel."

Is the shield really an indication that Stan is going to play Captain America? Well, note that Shield Labs do not design props for movies since it is a Collectible store that is located in Missouri. However, the hashtags somehow indicate the probability of his new role.

Now, the confusion sets in. If we can all recall, Chris Evans has previously expressed his willingness to continue playing the role of Steve Rogers so long as Marvel wants him to, Cinemablend reported. However, the director of Captain America, the Russo Brothers has already confirmed during the Marvel Cinematic Universe that Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America.

If the Captain America movie is based on the comic series, it should be noted that Steve Rogers was assassinated by Crossbones and after which, Bucky Barnes who plays the Winter Soldier inherited the shield and became the new Captain America.

Another strong indication of Captain America's torch passing to Stan is the fact that Chris Evan's contract with Marvel will end in 2017 and the upcoming Avengers Movie, the Infinity War is supposed to be released in 2018, Inverse reported.

So there, goes the indications and hints yet gain, rumors are still rumors until official announcement has been released. Just wait for further announcements regarding the new Captain America. For sure, Marvel will pick the best man for the Captain America.

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