'Vikings' Season 4 Episode 12 Spoilers: 'The Vision' Sees Ivar, Ragnar In Danger; Biggest, Most Emotional Episode Yet, Says Producer

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"Vikings" Season 4 will feature the return of Ragnar Lothbrok. However, his return will put his family and his kingdom in a lot of troubles. The next episodes of "Vikings" Season 4 will be very tough for the warrior as he heads to Wessex, and based on the synopsis, a tragedy will follow.

In the synopsis of episode 12 for "Vikings" Season 4, titled " The Vision", Ivar the Boneless will also be part of his father's journey to the Wessex. However, it would seem that no one else would want to join the crew. Meantime, the locals believe that the gods have abandoned Ragnar.

Meantime, Bjorn's plan to set sail for the Mediterranean region in a new boat made by Floki runs smoothly. Aside from this, Bjorn would appear like he has inherited the charisma of his father. Meanwhile, Aslaug will foresee a dark future looming. Previously, she had warned that Ragnar's journey will encounter a vicious storm that will put an end to the tragedy.

In a recently released teaser for "Vikings" Season 4 episode 12, Aslaug will be seen warning Ivar of an impending death, Yahoo reported. Meanwhile, although Ragnar is already expecting his death, he also wants Ivar to exact revenge for him. Since the second part of "Vikings" Season 4, Ivar has always wanted to please his father, and Lothrook also accepted his son's willingness..

As revealed by executive producer Michael Hirst, "Vikings" Season 4's second half is going to be the biggest and most emotional season. The producer also confirmed that there are at least two of the episodes he created would be considered as the best ones that he ever made.

"Vikings" Season 4 has still a lot of things to reveal in "Vikings" Season 4 episode 12, and it is apparent that the story would revolve around Ivar and the likely end for Ragnar, Seattle Pi reported. Watch Vikings 4x12 Promo Season 4 Episode 12 Promo

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