‘Dishonored 2’ Neat Tips, Guides And Tricks For The Confused Beginner


"Dishonored 2" has just been released a few weeks ago and gamers, especially beginners, are perhaps confused and want to know how to correctly play the game. Below are some neat tips and tricks on how to play "Dishonored 2."

Corvo or Emily

At the start of the game select first the character to play; whether Corvo or Emily as the character will be locked throughout the play. Wanting to learn new tricks? Try Emily and get to know her character as an adult. Choosing Corvo will let players to visit his hometown. In order to be able to play both characters, players must save the game, Kotaku reported.

Create Save at the beginning of the mission and Save as often as possible.

In order to be able to replay the game, always create a save at the beginning of every mission because once the mission has been completed, the replay is not possible. Also, do not forget to save often and save at the onset of the game in order to be able to get back where you started especially when still exploring the level.

Learn the territory

In the "Dishonored 2" players can see real places so it is easier to identify the locations enabling gamers to look for a place like the rooftop or a basement. Worrying about getting lost? Don't worry because there are maps and signs in each level.

Here are the other guides and tricks for beginners.

Use the abilities

The abilities can be collected all throughout the game and are helpful when trying to do the Ghost or the Merciful tactic. The Possession ability for Corvo will allow players to merge with an animal to avoid detection by paying high Mana.

Don't be afraid to runaway

When playing the "Dishonored 2" using either Corvo or Emily and got surrounded by enemies, just escape and runaway in order to be able to recover.

The crossbow is a friend

Crossbow is the best weapon to take down enemies silently. There are also upgrades and improvements for the dear crossbow which is only available at the black market but be sure to find the special Blueprints first as it is required to purchase the improvement.

So, just keep this tips and guides in mind and your good to go. Happy gaming.

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