Team Shooter 'Games of Glory' To Arrive On PS4 And PC In Early 2017 [Watch Gameplay Trailer]


Lightbulb Crew, the Paris-based strategic game development company, is making some big announcement this week. The developer has announced that its top-down team shooter, "Games of Glory," will be coming to PlayStation 4, as well as the previously announced PC version, sometime in early 2017.

According to Dual Shockers, the game has been in development for over two years and did release in Steam Early Access, however, Lightbulb has made a number of changes in that time and has closed Early Access to prepare for release.

In "Game of Glory," gamers will be able to choose up to 15 unique characters combined with a slew of custom abilities, Yahoo reported. Gamers must work together, using a combination of close combat controls, unique skills, and free-aiming shooter mechanics to defeat the opposing team. Teamwork is key in winning this game.

But unlike the other MOBAs in the market, there are no auto attacks in this game, which means that all weapons are free-aiming.

The "Games of Glory" has more than 40 different weapons, each with their own gameplay characteristics. Weapons can be grouped into six categories namely, rocket launchers, snipers, shotguns, rifles, pistols, and melee.

Each Clone can carry up two weapons at once and is equipped with four skills that can be leveled up as the game progresses. In addition, weapons can also be upgraded and exchanged freely by accessing the in-game shop and returning to the spawn platform.

."Games of Glory" will support seamless cross-platform compatibility between both PlayStation 4 and PC Steam when it launches as a free-to-play gameplay experience next year, according to The Sixth Axis.

"Games of Glory" is a free-to-play combination of MOBA, first person shooter, and hack and slash. It takes place in a science fiction universe called the Synarchy. The game, which currently in closed alpha phase, takes place in a science fiction intergalactic universe called the Synarchy.

"Games of Glory" is set for 2017 release for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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