Apple Uses Drones, Updates Maps On Road Changes, Adds Indoor Maps For Buildings; Is Apple Outperforming Google Maps?


Apple may be planning to us drones to update the Apple Maps faster and more efficiently in a bid to outperform the well-established Google Maps. Moreover, Apple is adding another feature, the indoor mapping system to help iPhone users navigate inside airports, museums or high trafficked buildings.

Apple is turning its focus on its Apple Maps, which was launched in 2012, but faced various obstacles in becoming a reliable and efficient navigation tool. Google Maps, which was launched in 1997 in iPhones, has become a go-to app when it comes to finding specific locations or as a tool in navigating.

In order to catch up and even outperform Google, Apple is planning to use drones or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to update its Apple Maps. Drones will be able to collect data, images and videos faster and more efficient than the current system of using and scattering minivans, MacRumors has learned.

The Apple drones will be able to examine street signs, track road changes or identify those that are under construction. This will make Apple Maps less prone to errors where it once mislabeled a grocery store as a hospital.

Apple has already applied exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to be allowed to use UAS for commercial purposes of collecting data, photography and videography, Bloomberg reported. FAA has already approved the Cupertino giants' application, but restricted the use of drones only at daytime and not over people or buildings.

Moreover, the UAS may only be flown by licensed pilots, one of which was rumored to have been pirated by Apple from Amazon's Prime Air program. Meanwhile, Apple is also adding the feature of indoor mapping system that enables iPhone users to view the insides of buildings for navigation.

Apple has already acquired the and WifiSLAM to aid its navigation tools incorporated in Apple Maps. iPhone users will be able to easily navigate in high-trafficked places like shopping malls, museums or airports.

Apple using drones and adding indoor features spell huge potential for Apple Maps that may be at par with Google Maps once the latest innovations are applied.

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