Wireless NES Classic Controller Now Available In Amazon For $39.99


To those who were able to get a hand on the NES Classic Edition are surely having a problem with the short controller wires. Luckily, a third-party company was able to solve the problem by creating a wireless NES Classic controller and is now listed in AmazonThe 8bitdo NES30 Classic Edition set is now available for pre-order at $39.99 and will be released on December 16, 2016.

With the new set, players will now be able to play the NES Classic wirelessly. The 8bitdo Retro Receiver NES30 Classic Edition set is just one among the few solutions to the NES controller problem but it might be the best so far and flexible so far instead of just sitting close to the television.

According to the Forbes, the set which is compatible with the NES Classic Edition includes the NES-themed game pad together with the Bluetooth adaptor to make wireless gamin possible within 30 feet range so players can play comfortably at the couch instead of playing on the floor.

The Bluetooth adaptor is also compatible with other remotes and wireless controllers including the Wii Remote, Dual Shock 3 and 4, Wii U Pro controller.

The NES30 Classic Edition set is also compatible with other arcade sticks and other 8bitdo controllers also, the wireless Bluetooth do not experience lag.

The 8bitdo Retro Receiver controller that comes with the kit is a bit different from the original controller of the NES Classic Edition controller as it has four face buttons for extra functionality. By using the 8bitdo controller, players can directly access the home screen on the NES Classic Edition by just pressing the Down and then Select button from the NES30 controller.

Now that there are other options to solve the short controller cord problem, better choose the solution wisely and check if the chosen option could help in achieving better gaming experience and if it could provide comfort.

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