'Worms W.M.D." Update: Free 'Liberation' Content Coming This Dec. 7; New Trailer Released


"Worms W.M.D.," the strategy game developed by Team 17, is going to get a free content update called "Liberation." The update is scheduled to come out on Dec. 7 and can be used on the Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, and Linux versions of the game.

"Worms W.M.D" features worms destroying each other with high tech weapons. The game can be played online and can allow as much as 6 players battling each other with their team of worms.

As seen on Dual Shockers, a new "Worms W.M.D" trailer has also been uploaded highlighting the update's additions to the game. Fans would love the addition of four new weapons that gives users a new way to obliterate the opponent. The trailer shows how each weapon namely the Mischievous Drone, Tasty Worm Lick, W1 Rocket and Worm Stinger helps you win the game and the results are not pretty for the worms of the opponent.

The new update also lets you battle on new buildings and terrains. These places will play a part in your strategy to win the game as it is a must to choose a position that enables you to take down more worms. As if the worms can't get any cuter, the update features 12 new customisations for the worms including a rubber glove, a cheese hat, a beret and a bicorne. These things certainly make the worms look ready for battle.

Perhaps the most intriguing addition to the game coming from the update is the drillboat vehicle. According to Future Game Releases, this is one weapon that will let you drill through the terrain. For the first time in the 'Worms' games, an aquatic vehicle shows up in 'Worms W.M.D'.

Check out the trailer containing the new Liberation update for 'Worms W.M.D' here:

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