A Genius Strategy To Land A 6-Figure Income Job


Applying for a job can be pretty stressful. You have to elbow your way against a number of candidates who also want the same position. What's more frustrating perhaps is being able to find a job that compensates the skills and the experiences you have. So, what strategy will you use to set yourself apart and land that six-figure income you've been eyeing?

One genius strategy to land a six-figure income job is to apply to as many companies you can. This might sound tiring but according to author and employment expert John Lucht, this plays a very big role in landing your dream job. The reason behind this, he explains, is that there is only a small percentage of companies who want your skills set and much smaller for those who are willing to pay the salary you want.

One classic example of this is Felix Feng, a University of Berkeley graduate who applied to 291 companies over a period of three months. His hard work paid off when a company hired him with a $125,000 offer.

Thinking along that perspective, time is, therefore, an important element in finding the kind of job that pays six figures. Remember that it's serious business and the responsibilities that go with it are big as well; thus, it is wrong to expect that you will instantly find it.

Another genius strategy to land a six-figure income job is to stop sending your resume to the HR department. Why? Because it will most probably end up on top or at the bottom of a pile of hundreds of applicants' resumés.

So what do you do? Contact real people, with each application or approach you make. It doesn't matter whether that person is the right person. The principle behind that is you are increasing your odds of finding the right one.

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