‘Resident Evil 7' Update: Biohazard Leaks Details, Plots, Weapons And More [Spoiler Alert]


Just before "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard" officially comes out in January 2017, the leaked details of the game have begun circulating online. The details include the plot, weapons and accessories, including the rumored mini games.

The "Resident Evil" series, "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard" is more action-oriented and focuses on the story of Ethan's journey in finding clues about his missing wife Mia. In searching for clues, Ethan will have to face different challenges and new enemies called "Holoforms".

These "Holoforms" are hybrid creatures that looks like predator and in order to kill them, they must be dismembered.

Players will get to experience scary moments especially when faced with the Baker Family. Reminder, better stock up on ammo because killing a Baker Family member would require a lot of bullets, Digital Times reported. Also, note that ammo is limited.

Members of the Baker Family dominates the different part of the house where Jack and Marguerite serve as environmental threat and so must be avoided. If found by them, better run away as quickly in order to survive.

At the start of the game, the player is empty handed so better be careful and tricky enough in order to survive until some weapons such as knife, hand gun, chainsaw, flamethrower and shotgun are collected. Anyway, there are a lot of things around the house that can help players to defend themselves against the enemies.

In the "Resident Evil 7" Ethan also uses a smartwatch which is called "codec". The smartwatch will be used to check the stat all throughout the game.

Now, since there is a limit in the availability of ammo in the game, each player is expected to be creative in killing the enemies and escaping away from them.

Health packs are also available all throughout the "Resident Evil 7". Players can find Chem Fluids and Green Herbs around the house which can be used to create ammo or for first aid remedy.

While playing the "Resident Evil 7" main game, there were puzzles and mini games which may not be as challenging as the main game but needs to be played in order to move on with the main storyline.

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