Stephen Hawking: Obesity and The Danger It Brings To Millions of Lives


Professor Stephen Hawking talks about obesity as one of the world's leading cause of death, during an ad campaign promoting the work of the Swedish company GEN-PEP. The professor addressed the gravity of obesity and sedentary lifestyle as he was concerned at how being obese shortens a person's life expectancy by several years. 

"For what it's worth, how being sedentary has been a major health problem is beyond my understanding." Says Hawkings.

"As a physicist I see the world as a whole am I here to address one of the most serious health problems of 21st century."

"Today too many people die from complications related to being overweight and obesity. We eat too much and move too little."

When talking of the solution, he says that "It's not rocket science," and recommends a very simple solution, and that is to eat less and increase exercise and physical activity.

This carries on to provide a significant lesson to the viewers. As per Hawkings, the required physical activity for adults should be 30 minutes daily, and 60 minutes for children".

The reports early this year have shown the increase in figures of the obese men and women. And according to the experts, this will only get worse within the decade. What scientists are suggesting is to have policies in place that will control or slow down the global increase in body weight. People should also continue to follow proper diet and nutrition and maintain an active lifestyle and increase physical activities.

Among the proposals were to force restaurants and cafes to indicate calorie information on their menus. Supermarkets will also be forced to remove junk foods from around the checkouts and at the end of aisles. The final strategy included adding a tax on soda to which doctors and politicians disagreed.

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