‘LEGO Worlds’ Launches in PC And Console On February 2017; DLC Pack Exclusive For PlayStation Only? [VIDEO]


"LEGO Worlds" will be launched in PC and consoles on February 21, 2017, providing gamers with another creativity app much like "Minecraft." However, the LEGO "Agents" downloadable content (DLC) will be initially released exclusively for the PlayStation only.

"Lego Worlds" is a game that involves creativity in building, not just relegated to silly story telling which is typical of Lego movies. Much like "Minecraft," players can have the freedom to make their own worlds, making the game family-friendly and most likely requiring creators TT Games' strict monitoring.

TT Games head of production, Jonathan Smith, announced the company's entry into the video game arena with "LEGO Worlds," Business Wire reported. The new game will be available in the computer entertainment system, PlayStation 4, Xbox and STEAM.

Incidentally, the LEGO video game has been available in STEAM since last year for $15 dollars. Players were allowed access for TT Games to gather feedback before the game is officially launched.

In so doing, the developers will be able to work on important improvements to provide optimal entertainment for the players. "LEGO Worlds" is a digital embodiment of the physical LEGO brick building as revealed by David Haddad, president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

The game provides a venue to build imaginative worlds by using digital LEGO bricks where players can explore, create and build together. According to Smith, players can become a Master Builder licensed with the freedom to create in an open-ended world constructed entirely of LEGO-built environments, Digital Trends reported.

The editing tool in "LEGO Worlds" enable players to customize character, explore using vehicles, build structures, discover an extensive array of objects, characters and creatures in various worlds. "LEGO Worlds" also support online multiplayer, permitting other players to enter the worlds created by fellow players.

Previous LEGO creations have been very creative with the likes of a futuristic space station, a coral reef, and a lighthouse by the beach. "LEGO Worlds" will be available on February 21, 2017 for PC, Xbox and PS4. However, the LEGO "Agents" will be initially released as DLC exclusively for the PlayStation.

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