Too Much TV Linked to “Old Age Conditions” for Young Adults, According to Experts


Scientists claim that there is an increasing number of young adults who suffer from bad posture, knee joint problems, varicose veins and hemorrhoids because of watching too much TV. No one has ever claimed that watching TV is healthy but recent studies show how its effects are getting worse especially among younger adults.

Bupa, a private health care group compiled about 60,000 medical procedures, and there they found even millennials who are between 16 to 25 years old were already suffering from sicknesses or conditions that are used to be common among older people.

Dr. Steve Iley, Bupa's medical director, said: 'This shows a significant number of our customers are prematurely experiencing conditions you would normally associate with much older people.

"Hemorrhoid removal and treatment for varicose veins are procedures that people in this age group should not be encountering."

"However, when you consider the amount of time young people now spend sat using their mobiles and tablets, streaming box sets or playing with the latest games console, you can see why these conditions are rising in this age group."

"From their early twenties, more and more people are working long hours, with jam-packed schedules, and without the ability to ever really switch off."

Dr. Iley explains that the lack of movement accompanied with bad posture are taking their toll on the mental and physical health of younger adults. He also added that because of the fast changing lifestyle, we should even have an easier access to the best medical services, which explains why it's only imperative to have earlier consultations and checkups in order to prevent conditions from developing. Early detection will make it easier to manage conditions that result from prolonged sitting, and lack of exercise and movement.

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