Ways to Train your Brain for Success


Everything that surrounds you can affect how you feel, think and act. Majority of our actions, our successes and failures, have a lot to do with your surroundings, it's just up to you whether you let them make you productive or hinder your success.

According to Gerhard Gschwandtner, it is our beliefs or mindsets that determine our actions, and decisions. He created a model that separates how the brain operates into three parts or mindsets.

Implanted Mindsets

These are the beliefs that have been absorbed by your brains from your environment, your family, or parents. According to Gerhard, the challenge here is how to separate the beliefs that are useful and the ones that are not. Not all of the things you absorb can be beneficial for you. He shared the questions that you should ask yourself so that you can amp your brain power. Here are the ones for implanted mindset.

  • What belief that I had since I was a child has proven the most useful?
  • What belief that I had since I was a child has held me back the most?
  • What can I do, today, to reinforce and strengthen the useful belief?
  • What can I do, today, to expunge and eliminate the dysfunctional belief?

Imprinted Mindsets

Imprinted mindsets are the beliefs you have learned from the people who made a significant influence in your life like a coach or a mentor. Here are the questions you should be asking your brain.

  • What three books have influenced me the most?
  • What three experiences have taught me the most?
  • What can I do, today, to strengthen the beliefs I acquired?
  • Given my current goals, who are the three best mentors (authors, experts, consultants) who can help me grow?

Inspired Mindsets

These are the beliefs that make your life more meaningful because these are the ones that drive you to succeed.

As Gschwandtner would put it: "We all have deep within us something special that we might call 'inner magic' or a talent that wants to come out, or a dream that invites us to think about exploring a new direction in our lives."

  • If I could do anything and knew that I could not fail, it would be _______?
  • What is holding me back from following that inspiration?
  • What parts of my life are leading me toward that inspiration?
  • What is my plan to transition to following that inspiration?

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