Pangu’s iOs 10 Jailbreak Tool, Rolling Out In December? New Hacking Group May Outperform Pangu? [VIDEO]


Pangu is rumored to be rolling out its iOs 10 jailbreak tool this December, just after Apple will release its latest update. However, Pangu's silence over the past few months have challenged other hacking groups like the newcomer Unblock Jailbreak team who claims to have a working iOs 10 jailbreak tool.

Pangu may be the only hope of Apple users who rely on the Chinese hacking team to jailbreak their device to run software not permitted by Apple's "walled garden." The popular hacker, Luca Todesco, has revealed on twitter a working jailbreak tool, but he is not sharing this to the public possibly because of some unresolved issues on the tool.

Todesco's tinkering in hacking Apple's iOs 10 has prompted him to commend the Chinese, even pointing out that only Pangu has a working and stable iOs 10 jailbreak tool. Pangu has already proven that the Apple's security features can be hacked by installing Cydia on iOs 10.

It is not surprising then that the jailbreak community is highly anticipating Pangu's iOs 10 jailbreak tool if and when the Chinese do successfully break what Apple calls the most secure operating system ever made as reported in neurogadget. Pangu is rumored to be getting help from a Chinese security engineer known by his Twitter handle @SparkZheng.

The Chinese developer @SparkZheng is believed to have a working iOs 9.3.4 jailbreak tool, but it is not yet ready to be shared to the public. The process of hacking is said to be so time-consuming and meticulous that Pangu and TaiG are having a hard time unraveling.

Pangu and Apple continue to be sparring as one anticipates the other's move so as not to be outsmarted. When Pangu released its working iOs 10 beta 1 jailbreak last July, Apple fixed it with its iOs 10 beta 2 update as reported in iDigital Times. Then Pangu released it semi-tethered iOs 9.3.3. jailbreak in August, but Apple holds its ground for the tool only works with 64-bits devices.

Meanwhile, a new player in the jailbreak world is trying their hands on creating the latest iOs 10 jailbreak tool. The team called Unblock Jailbreak is reported to have a working jailbreak tool, but is still making modifications to make it stable. The rumor is unsubstantiated, but jailbreaking has never been Pangu's exclusive turf.

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