Internship Almost Over? Three Things To Ask Before Finishing The Program


Being an intern has its perks and benefits, in addition to the opportunities that it gives any person to apply classroom teaching in a practical, experiential manner. More than just a way to learn and find a future job or company, internships give students a chance to figure out where they really belong,

"While reflecting on my summer and early career jobs ... I realize how I could have better used those experiences to fuel my future," Kristen Hamilton wrote in an article on Fortune.

Hamilton is the co-founder and CEO of Koru, a company that helps companies hire the best possible workers so that it can deliver a "unique performance fingerprint."

"The secret to being highly effective and happy in your career?" Hamilton says. "Be your best self. Authentically you, in service, always learning, and hard-working."

Here are some things that interns should never forget to ask before finishing an internship.

Is it the right fit for me?

Hamilton says that today's companies are moving away from the traditional hiring cues such as GPA scores, where you went to college, and the like. Instead of checking for all those, they'll check and see if you're the right fit for the company. They will likely try to figure out if you're going to perform well, if you're eager to learn, and to stick it out when the going gets tough.

Aside from the company trying to figure out if you're perfect for them, you should also ask yourself if the company is fit for you. "Do you feel that you belong? Can you be your best, authentic self every day? If you can, you're more likely to succeed and stay," Hamilton says.

Where can I improve?

"Failing fast and cheap is not just the most expedient way for a person to learn," Hamilton says. You need to be bold and try out new things and when you fail, you need to acknowledge them. Failures can help you learn things necessary for success.

What do others say about my performance?

Feedback should be considered a gift, Hamilton says. As a CEO, Hamilton says she asks feedback from everyone in her company. Interns should also ask for feedback.

"Think about the investment someone is making in you when they take the time to think about your growth and offer feedback to help you on your way," she says.

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