'Football Manager 2017' All Important Details Revealed


The complete details of "Football Manager 2017" has been released. It is the 12th instalment of the game that was developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega. The game's focus is for users to have the feeling of running and building their own team then filed their team in field action.

In "Football Manager 2017," there is no traditional story present as the story that can unfold in the game is more on how a season progresses for the general manager according to GamingBolt. There are so many possibilities in that kind of story because the player can become the manager of a soccer team from almost any country in the world. There is a set of goals that will be laid out for the manager of the team and there is a chance the manager gets removed from his position if those goals are not met.

Injuries occur often in sports so general managers have to deal with it despite wanting to keep the squad as healthy as possible for the entire season. "Football Manager 2017" has amped up its features dedicated in making sure the entire roster gets healthy. There are training features that are dedicated towards keeping players healthy and healing them if they get injured.

Another exciting feature is taking a look at star players then signing them once they impressed. All players are given various ratings on a range of topics which covers not only what the players are good at but also the stats they can excel in. There is also training for those players to make them even better than what their current rating suggests.

Every nation in the world has teams in "Football Manager 2017" making the teams too many to count according to Wikipedia. There are only 15 nations represented in the mobile version though.

Check out the trailer for the game here:

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