Microsoft Surface Review: Surface Studio PC is Awesome!


Matt Weinberger shared this review on Business Insider of Microsoft's new premium Surface Studio PC with a whopping $3000 price tag. The computer is now available for preorder but shipping won't start close to Christmas.

Matt gives us the gist of his experience with the Surface Studio at a Microsoft event. In case you missed it, the Surface Studio is a 28-inch touchscreen desktop PC which can be folded on a 20-degree angle to become a tablet that you can use with a Surface Pen Stylus.

The package also comes with the Surface Dial which allow users to have physical control of the apps their running. If you think that's it, don't hold your breath, we've barely even scratched the 'surface'.

A fellow reviewer excitedly described the experience as "an entirely new computing category, a sort of desktop­-tablet hybrid". That's a great summary considering that the Surface Studio is designed to appeal primarily to creative professionals like artists, video editors and other creatives that need a huge screen space for work.

The real genius and defining features of this new product from Microsoft goes further into the details according to Matt.

Microsoft's "zero gravity" hinge allows an almost effortless adjustment of the screen from a regular PC mode to the 20-degree sketch tilt and back again. That's pretty impressive since the whole thing weighs about 15 pounds.

Surface Studio's screen is also very thin and amazingly gives such a vibrant display and boasts a 3:2 aspect ratio that display appears as accurate on screen as the printed version.

The Surface Dial is another versatile addition. It allows users to toggle between and within apps from selecting brush strokes and colors to switching songs in Spotify without much trouble. The design for Weinberger is well-thought off including the slight resistance when you turn the dial.

One outstanding feature is the Surface Studio's ability to be tilted and slid around. It offers creative users different views to their work, including easier viewing for everyone when it comes to collaborative projects.

If you can get your head past the price point, this Surface Studio is one great desktop that can change your working experience and an added plus? It comes with a power cord that will not easily get pulled off or slide down from the back of the unit.

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