Black Friday Extends Its Reach Into Cyber Monday, Best Cyber Monday 2016 Deals: Amazon, Best Buy, Target And Walmart?


Black Friday, the holiday shopping season started to kick off on early Friday morning, with thousands of people from various parts of the United States rushing to the stores and grabbing anything that could buy. After this four-day holiday weekend shopping frenzy, people are turning their attentions to the next big discount shopping event, the Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is the term used to refer to the special online shopping day after the very busy Black Friday, which rounds off four-day mega shopping sales. The term "Cyber Monday" was first created by a group of marketing companies to entice consumers to try online shopping.

The term was originally coined by Ellen Davis and made its debut on November 28, 2005. Until last year, Cyber Monday was the world's biggest online sales day until Black Friday arrived and stormed the stage.

Black Friday has become successful marketing campaigns in the US because many Americans would take advantage of the day, which is falls after a long holiday weekend.

During this shopping event, retailers may cut prices aggressively just to get consumers into their stores to kick-start the holiday shopping season. But by the next day, Americans were seen back at their desks working and retailers have noticed something that consumers were continuing their shopping online, all at their office desks. And this how the Cyber Monday was born.

For most retailers, Cyber Monday is no ordinary day where consumers make their online shopping via smartphones and computers. It represents the last chance to build on strong weekend sales, one that could bring a steady flow revenues for the company.

This year alone, more than 154 million consumers have sprung into actions, a slight increase in figures from the estimated 151 million shoppers last year.

Amazon, Best Buy, target, and Walmart are some of the great examples of the retailers benefiting from the boom in online sales via smartphones and other mobile devices. For Black Friday alone, around 70 percent of the retailer's online traffic was made through mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are playing a key role in this special online shopping day.

Retail giant such as Target had seen its biggest sales figures in early Friday with mobile shopping accounting for more than 60 percent of the total online sales. Additionally, Target also reported millions of shoppers flocking to its stores, buying hot gadgets and electronics.

Mobile sales were also up for e-commerce giant Amazon, which said to surpass sales from last year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to Amazon, consumers have ordered more than 100,000 toys in the first few hours alone of the Black Friday.

Fortunately, the shopping party is not yet over. The Black Friday has spilled right over into the weekend, extending its reach into Cyber Monday 2016, which promises to offer great deals that could be as good as or even better than Black Friday deals.

And since Black Friday is a week-long shopping event, Cyber Monday has quickly followed suit and now comes the new week-long Cyber Week.

Walmart is another retailer that taking advantage of this special shopping day, showing goodies and hot pieces of stuff on its website and physical stores. According to BGR, Walmart has made a big announcement on Sunday afternoon that its Cyber Monday 2016 sale kicks off tonight at 8:00 PM.

In addition, Walmart's big Cyber Week 2016 will also be available on the Walmart official website. This event is said to continue up to the end of the day on Friday, which is next month, December 2.

So if you're looking for a great Cyber Monday deals for HDTV, laptop, computer, and other consumer gadgets, you can check Walmart website for that. Walmart has listed on its website some of the best Cyber Monday deals you can look forward.

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