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‘Pokémon Go’ Gen 2 News & Release Date: Top Gen 2 Pokémons To Hunt; Starbucks Memo Leaks December Release? [VIDEO]


"Pokémon Go" Gen 2 news and release date feature the top Pokémons that players must capture and an unsubstantiated, but probable, Starbucks memo outlining a partnership with Niantic Labs in promoting the "Pokémon Version 2" in December. "Pokémon Go" Gen 2 sparked the interest of the gaming community, which may catapult the game into a certified blockbuster just what it did in its debut.

"Pokémon Go" garnered so much interest In July that it soon became one of the most successful mobile games in history. The game was downloaded by 500 million people, reaching $600 million dollars in profits. However, the game suffered a decline in interest during the latter part of this year, even though a Halloween promo revived attention temporarily.

Now there is renewed hype on the "Pokémon Go" Gen 2 news and release date, which Niantic Labs is not confirming. Nonetheless, players are anticipating the new additions that trainers need to hunt.

Here are the top picks for "Pokémon Go" Generation 2:

  •  Tyranitar - The last evolution of Larvitar is one of the most powerful Pokémons in the generation,  which makes it's a big threat to the first generation and even to some legendary creatures.
  •  Blissey - The evolution of Chansey known for its powerful Hyper Beam and ranks high in  adorableness as well.
  •  Houndoom - Perhaps the most recognized of its generation and known for its signature Fire Blast.
  •  Heracross - Introduced in the series as a powerhouse addition, this bug-type Pokémon is known for  its powerful skills, the Rock Smash and the Megahorn.
  •  Skarmony - The silver haired bird has great speed and defenses; known for its 8 types of resistance  and 2 types of immunity.
  •  Typhlosion - Known as the Flame Thrower, it has great offensive stats and speed, which more than  makes up for its inadequate defense.
  •  Kingdra - The evolution of Seadra, known for its Hydro pumps and Dragon moves combo.

There are more than 100 new Pokémons in the newest update including new and legendary creatures, as reported by Forbes. The update also brings with it noteworthy changes like Player-versus-Player battles that is different from the way battle gym fights are done. Players can also raise their Pokémons, similar to the Tamagotchi pets, and players can also trade resources, Venture Beat reported.

The "Pokémon Go" Gen 2 news and release date points to December as the most likely time, which is backed up by a Starbucks memo posted in Reddit. The memo outlines a possible partnership of Starbucks and Niantic Labs, which will put "Pokéstops" at every Starbucks store. The memo remains unsubstantiated, but players are hoping that all these rumors will be put to rest soon.

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