Be Ridiculously Likable: The 7 Habits of the Most Likable People


Yes, being likable can be learned and we all can learn it according to best-selling book author, Dr. Travis Bradberry. In an article that appeared in the Huffington Post, Dr. Bradberry wrote that we have this misconception of associating likability with natural and unteachable traits while research shows that likability is strongly tied to characteristics we all can acquire and control.

In short, we all can become more likable. It's a matter of developing one's Emotional Quotient (EQ). Unlike the innate Intelligence Quotient (IQ), EQ is more flexible and can be developed with effort and practice.

According to research data from TalentSmart, people with high EQ not only outperforms others who doesn't they also earn more, $29,000 more per year. You can increase your income by developing your EQ little by little.

Dr. Bradberry shares 7 common behaviors emotionally intelligent and likable people have that gets them the hearts and thumbs ups:

  1. Likable people are genuine and this makes it easier for others to trust them. People are drawn by authenticity. They are attracted to those who know who they are and are comfortable being themselves.

  2. People with high EQ asks thoughtful questions. They listen to others and convey interest on the conversation by asking questions. They focus more on what the other person is saying instead of thinking what to say next.

  3. The likable ones don't pass judgment. They tolerate differing opinions and views and this makes them more interesting to others. Accepting different beliefs doesn't mean changing your own, it's just understanding who they are.

  4. Emotionally intelligent people are not attention seekers. They are friendly, confident, concise and are focused on others. When they are recognized for success, they quickly share the recognition to the people who helped them make it happen.

  5. Likable individuals are consistent. They are consistent with their attitude, actions and commitments. They keep their word despite personal and other circumstances.

  6. Likable people always use positive body language. They make sure their actions, gestures, expressions and tone of voice are always positive.

  7. People with high emotional intelligence leave a strong first impression. They do this with positive body language and words used in the first encounter. Research shows people judge whether they like someone or not within the first 7 seconds after introduction and they spend the next moments justifying whether they are right.

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