The Homeless Entrepreneur: Why Neil Patel Chose to Become One


Entrepreneur and digital marketing expert Neil Patel has it all. Thriving businesses and a magnificent home that looks right out of the famous Las Vegas Strip. It was an impressive home and Neil decided to let it go. No, he didn't downsize he just sold his home and everything in it.

The reason he cited for getting rid of his home and other belongings is 'they were distractions'. Neil Patel said that as comfortable as the condo was, it was taking more from him: his energy, time and money for keeping and maintaining it.

At this time, worrying about fixing things that gets broken isn't beneficial for Neil who rarely stays at home and travels frequently for work. He said letting go of the house and all its comforts allowed him to focus more on his businesses.

Neil credits this decision to a business trip to India a few years back where he met and became friends with tech entrepreneur Mukund Mohan. Mohan told Patel that the practice of giving up something every year allowed him to revolutionize his life.

Mohan said he chooses to let go of things that are holding him back or limiting his potentials in some way. It had an energizing impact that gave him a sense of control and direction with his life. It started with small sacrifices like giving up sugary beverages and pastries, he said.

Neil thought that if such small sacrifices can have remarkable impact, what about the big ones? So he decided to go radical and get rid of his home and not wanting to have to deal with the burden of moving the rest of his stuff, he decided to let them go, too.

All his belongings now fit in a carry on luggage, he left some clothing items at his parents' house and right now, home is wherever his work brings him. Quite often home is a decent hotel with room service, so he doesn't have to worry about meals and housekeeping.

Neil realizes this way of life isn't for everyone but he has learned that his purpose is to help others with his work and minimalism allows him to be more efficient at it. At some point we all have to set our roots down but allow yourself to experience the moment while you can.

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