Nintendo Switch Updates: Amazing Features And Specs Comes With The Affordable Price? Switch Need To Do More Than Just Being A Hybrid?


Gamers around the world have been looking forward with the much-awaited release of Nintendo's latest hybrid gaming console, to see how it will go against rivals Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox One consoles.

As reported earlier by Digital Trends, the Nintendo Switch will be a "hybrid" gaming console that can be used at home on a TV and also as a portable console similar to its predecessors, the Nintendo DS and Game Boy.

The tablet-shaped gaming console has been considered to be a revolutionary addition to the gaming world as players can continue playing outside their homes by simply snapping the controllers onto the sides of the device and lifting it out of the dock.

The Console Release Date
The Switch release date has been become one of the most searched keywords on the internet today, with gamers talking lots more about it. According to reports, the gaming console is currently scheduled for global release in March 2017. However, Nintendo has made some last-minute changes and announced an upcoming Nintendo Switch Presentation event in January 2017 which it will finalize and reveal to the world the release date and price details.

Highly Affordable Price
Of course, the next line of inquiry for most console gamers would be the device's price tag. Fortunately, the much-awaited console will be priced within anyone's budget according to earlier reports.The devices will be highly affordable and will be offered for £199.99 or $249.99 for the basic model.

An improved version will cost gamer lots as it comes with increased memory, more storage capacity and preloaded games. Reports said that the improved version could gamers around $299.99.

However, these are just estimates at this moment as Nintendo has not announced any recommended retail prices yet. With an initial price tag of $249.99, the Nintendo Switch is still considered to be very competitive when compared to its main competitions in the market.

The Upcoming Games
Finally, the most exciting part of the console, the games. To bring a unique gaming experience, Nintendo has teamed up with major game publishers namely Activision, Electronic Arts, Bethesda, Sega, Square Enix, and Ubisoft.

In addition, Unity Technologies and Epic Games have also pledged support to the console by offering their game engines.

No doubt about it, the upcoming Nintendo Switch appears to be an exciting gaming console, and certainly one with the interesting potentials. The console is expected to deliver solid consumer interest through its performance, innovation, and portability.

However, in an exclusive interview by Gamebolt with Gamefarm CEO Peter Nagy, has pointed out that for the Switch to stands out in the market, it will need to do more than only connecting home and doing portable gaming.

Nagy has also admitted that the console has the potential to be a revolutionary device but added that same potential could also be a cause of the product's failure in the market.

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