Xbox One Scorpio News: Microsoft Chief Discusses Scorpio's Premium Price, Will Xbox One Scorpio Finally Replace The Existing Xbox One?


Microsoft Xbox chief Phil Spencer has finally confirmed in a recent interview that the company's upcoming Xbox One Scorpio console will indeed cost more than its recently released Xbox One S gaming console. 

While the Microsoft Xbox One Scorpio is still a few months away from its expected release date, Microsoft Xbox chief Phil Spencer has already provided a few important details about what to expect from the upcoming gaming console. Here, Spencer has released some important notes, including release date and pricing details, and even some of the key features of the game console.

This is already expected, as the console has been touted as the most powerful console ever made, completes with an 8 cores CPU along with the 6 Teraflops of raw computing power and 4K gaming experience.

In our earlier reports, we mentioned that the upcoming Xbox One Scorpio will be a premium device with a premium price tag. It's no secret, the device will cost more than the Xbox One S, and many people were hurt by the big news.

However, Spencer made some good explanation to justify the console pricing, saying that a high-end gaming device like the Xbox One Scorpio will likely carry a premium price tag. Just like in PC gaming, if gamers want the most powerful gaming devices they will have to take the premium costs of the device.

According to Microsoft, the upcoming Xbox One Scorpio contains far more power than a current generation Xbox One system and even the upcoming PS4 pro console. The next generation high-end gaming console will feature an eight-core AMD APU with 320 gigabytes per second of memory bandwidth and 6 teraflops of extreme computing muscles. Spencer stated earlier that Scorpio was designed primarily as a response to the massive growth of 4K gaming and VR in the gaming market.

In addition, Spencer also mentioned earlier that current Xbox users won't be left out in the dust, making the Scorpio backward compatible out of the gate.

Spencer also added that Scorpio won't be replacing the existing Xbox One system in the market, but rather joined the old console in a sort of Xbox One family. The goal, according to Spencer, is to provide different gaming consoles at different price points, allowing users to choose the right gaming console that fits their needs.

The Microsoft Xbox One Scorpio is expected to hit the market around the holiday time of 2017, but other than the aforementioned specs, not much else is known about the upcoming game console.

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