Is Tesla Model X Cannibalizing Model S?


According to reports, sales for the Tesla Model X has increased in the third quarter in the Nordic countries. However, there is also an indication that the Model X might be cannibalizing the Model S.

According to a report released by Insero Quarterly, sales of plug-in electric cars has increased to 15,771 while the existing ones that are already on the streets total to 145,000. The report added that the arrival of the Model X in these countries might be one of the reasons that has fired up the sale. Just in the third quarter, a total number of 967 Model X units have been sold.

Despite the good news, the report also said that the Model X is cannibalizing its sibling because the sales for the Model S has dropped to 39% the same time the X's sale increased. However, the report was quick to add that time will still see if the figures are really a clear indication of that reality. The final conclusion about the Tesla Model X and S story will be known in December.

Meanwhile, the sales of plug-in electric cars continue to increase in the Nordic countries with Sweden and Norway as the biggest users. There was a total of 601 units sold in Norway and 129 in Sweden and this was in September alone.

Even the other Nordic countries are adopting to the use of electric vehicles, Insero said. In Finland, the sales doubled in the first three quarters this year with a 105 percent growth increase. Even in Denmark, which experienced a stagnation in sales in the first two quarters this year has seen a revival in sales in the third quarter. The number is expected to increase as Danish politicians are planning to implement a rebate to private car owners when they introduce a new green car in the future.

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