'Gradeup': Certified Academic Aid For Students [VIDEO]


The all-new mobile app called "Gradeup" has been certified as an academic for students. The mobile app-based education platform helps students prepare for a series of exams in a day and nevertheless allows them to maintain a constant contact with their professors.

The latest app called "Gradeup" definitely lives up to its name. Completely free of cost, the mobile app-based education platform can be searched and downloaded easy-in through web-based domains.

The platform was originally built in India on a very small proportion but with a very serious core market value. Subsequently, such market value does not gravitate only in the selling aspect but also with the academic outputs per access.

Research and exam preparations for example are made entirely accessible by the "Gradeup" mobile app. The app serves as assessment and tutoring platform for students.

"Gradeup intends to become the platform of choice for anyone preparing for any competitive exams in India. We are adding more exams to the Gradeup ecosystem as we grow", Gradeup co-founder and CEO Shobhit Bhatnagar said in Deccan Herald

Moreover, the mobile app lets students share information with peers and their own professors, provided that the professors owned a version of the platform. Obviously, one can generally expect a lot of tutorials here, especially since exam preparation resources are being given for free. For competitive exam testers- discussion sheets for SSC, Banking, GATE, CAT, etc. can also be downloaded via the app, Gradestack reported.

In other news, a research released by McGraw Hill Education has been proven to relate much with this achievement in academic technology. The bulk of the survey suggests that most students relied to technology for academic assistance.

In the age of technology, there is no way to deny the fact that academic performances among new-generation students can be most enhanced with academic aids. The laptop, for instance, remain as their number 1 most trusted tool, MeriTalk reported.

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