Working Overseas: The Millennial Job Search


According to Forbes, millennials prefer to move and work overseas. Some young adults would save up to travel and see the world but surprisingly, a greater number doesn't mind setting their roots on foreign countries for jobs and careers.

The millennials is a generation that grew up in a connected world and have friends from different corners of the globe, travelling for them isn't just a privilege, its something that grown ups do.

Why work abroad?

Employers send people overseas to promote diversity and inclusion. It allows the company to learn more about the locals and their values and influences. The locals on the other hand gets a perspective of how westerners think and the factors that affect their decisions.

Employees take on the challenge of working in a foreign country to learn more about a new culture and this is also a tremendous opportunity for growth. Either in the country you've set your sights on or back home where an overseas assignment can give one better chances at promotions.

Then there's also the possibility of financial gain especially if the country has lower costs of living because you get to stretch your money more by spending less one necessities.

Finding overseas opportunities

This is a common concern among millennials, if there is enough supply of jobs in the overseas market. However, consider other ways to travel first so you can get into the country of your choice and see how you would fare there before considering looking for a job.

If you're looking for companies that are hiring in that country, it will be a big advantage for your part that you're already there, settled and adjusted. You'll just need to focus on how you can add value to the company to get the job.

When already know where you want to go but don't have a specific company or job in mind, it's always a good move to look to your network and seek friends who are based in that country. Ask them for help. A referral would be great or maybe letting you know when an opportunity comes will be nice too.

While you're at it, also learn more about the country and what opportunities you can find there. The knowledge will help you assess if a job overseas is for you.

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