Bezel-Less Phones 2017: iPhone 8, Galaxy S8, Xiaomi Mi Mix, Huawei Mate 9; Compromising Durability With Style? [Video]


The recently unveiled Xiaomi's Mi Mix sported an edge-to-edge display, which puts the pressure on other smartphone vendors like Apple, Samsung and Huawei to catch up with the bezel-less hype. Bezel-less phones in 2017 will most likely be the primary feature in the designs and styles of the iPhone 8, Galaxy S8, and Huwaei's Mate 9.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix unveiled last month was received with mixed reviews. The Chinese manufacturers boasted of a bezel-less design with a 91.3 percent screen to body ratio. However, gadget geeks find the style unappealing because of the still visible black bezel that surrounds the phone.

Bezel-less phones are very popular these days because it ranks high in style and design. More than just aesthetics, the principle behind a bezel-less design is to make the display as big as possible without compromising the convenience of a mobile handheld device.

It is an established fact that no one wants to carry a big phone, yet many want to use the internet and access social media accounts in a portable handheld device. For this reason, bezel-less phones in 2017 will most likely set the standard for future smartphones.

Xiaomi has already accomplished theirs with Apple pushing for a bezel-less design on the iPhone 8. The new phone will also have two variants, the 5 inches and the 5.8 inches replacing the 4.7 and 5.5 inches of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus as reported by The Indian Express. Clearly, the Cupertino giant takes into serious consideration a much bigger display for optimal usage.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will also be bezel-less and rumored to be the fastest Android phone run by Snapdragon 835. It comes in 5.7 inches and 6.2 inches variants, with the latter to have a 90 percent display area ratio according to Nashville Chatter.

 Huaweis Mate 9 will also have an edge-to-edge display with QHD resolution and runs on Android 7.1 Nougat. The phone may also feature the "Quad-edge" technology, but it is still in the experimental stage.

However, bezel-less phones have one major challenge, which is to make the phone rank high in durability as well. A Xiaomi Mi Mix display was accidentally dropped with the bezel torn apart and the glass screen visible cracked.

This is not surprising since ceramic, albeit a high grade one, was used together with seamless connectors fused together to replace external adhesives. Now smartphone manufacturers must take into serious consideration issues on durability, which is being compromised for the sake of style when it comes to bezel-less phones 2017.

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