Taking Up These Hobbies Can Make you Smarter


If you are led to believe that there's nothing much that you can do to enhance your intelligence, then that's a wrong perception, because in fact, there are plenty of things that you can do to make you smarter.

Hobbies are important part of our lives and if you are able to develop them, they can be a great influence on your intelligence.

Below are a few of the hobbies that can help make you smarter based on scientific studies and experiments.


While reading is a hobby that makes you absorb a new piece of information every time, writing still outperforms it. When you read, you just take in information, but when you write, it brings out your creativity and passion. And this is what's going to make your brain work. Writing encourages you to think , create, develop, compose. It's not going to just revolve around consumption, absorption and receipt of information. It's all about creating a brand new work.


If you think that physical activities have nothing to do with intelligence, then it's time to realize you're wrong. Exercises and workouts do not only keep your body healthy, it also influences your mind power as your creativity and mood are improved. When you regularly workout, you can shift your focus to your goal instead of letting your mind dwell on minor worries. Every single time you do or repeat a routine, your mind will be filled with new and positive energy.


It's kind of awkward to call obsession a hobby but this could be the first time. Obsession is actually one of the most important things that influence a person to become smarter. If you get introduced to an idea and become obsessed with it, you will do whatever it takes to realize it. With your dedication, you will be able to develop your skills faster than ever.

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