Things You Should Know to Save Money in your 20’s


One of the top priorities you should have while you are in your 20's is to be able to save money. However, this is not what's happening with most of the young people. A significant percentage of the millennials have zero in their savings accounts and some of them don't even have savings account at all. Here's how you can start making saving a habit.

  • Allocate an amount of your paycheck and set it aside for your savings. So that it's not easy for you to spend them, set up a direct deposit to your savings bank account.
  • Utilize and maximize your credit card rewards for discounts on your next purchases or travel plans. Just make sure to pay your card on time every month so that you will be able to avoid incurring late charges.
  • Say no to impulse buying. If you are tempted to buy anything you think that's out of budget, sleep on it first so you can take ample time to consider whether it is really necessary.
  • If you own a car and don't really use it a lot, try renting it out so that you can save your monthly earnings on your bank account.Sell the stuff you don't need and use anymore. If you have clothes that have been hanging in your closet for quite a while, shoes that are just stuck in the shoebox, books that are left untouched for a year, you can post them online on Social Media or some online selling apps.
  • Set goals for your savings. If you think of a long-term goal, you feel more motivated to save. Think of a long term investment you'd like to achieve after college. This way, you always have a reason not to overspend, and to set aside some of your money for your savings and you will not even have to feel guilty about it.

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