4 Work Projects You Should Say No To

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When new projects come, exhilaration sets in because it means new experience. After quite some time, reality sets in and your passion and excitement begin to dwindle. Why does it happen and how can you sustain the passion? When this happens, you might have made a mistake and that's saying yes to a certain project you're supposed to say no to. What are those projects that you should avoid?

The Gargantuan Project

Most of the time, people commit the mistake of accepting a work project that are too big for them to handle in terms of their expertise, time, and manpower. Because of this, they and their people end up burned out without the strength to even finish the project. If you love yourself and your reputation, avoid taking projects that are too big for you. You can do that later when you have the proper resources and skills but for now, take it one step at a time. If you don't you'll end up with a dissatisfied client, which is not good for yourt portfolio.

The Unrealistic Client Project

There will always be unrealistic clients who will set unrealistic goals and demand the impossible from you. Avoid them, no matter how lucrative the amount he is offering. If you do, you'll end up looking like a hamster running on a wheel as you follow his every whim.

The Family or Friend Project

Working with other people as clients is already stressful and working with family and friends is double the stress. You will end up like a person tiptoeing on a floor filled with shattered glass because you don't want to hurt them, you'll accommodate whatever their request is, all in the name of friendship or kinship. This is even worse than the unrealistic client project.

Not In Line With Your Mission/Vision Project

It is a fact that if you don't believe in something, it's difficult to do it. Thus, if a project does not align with your vision and mission, don't do it. You might be able to complete the project and get paid a lot for it but it won't be enough to appease the guilt and dissatisfaction you will feel because deep down, you know you won't do it.

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