The Least Known Option In College Applications That Works And Why


Fall can be a stressful time for those who are applying for college because it's also the time where they have to submit college applications to help them decide. Students are not the only ones affected by this but parents and teachers as well as they assist them. However, there is a least known option in college applications - rolling admissions.

Rolling admissions give students more time and flexibility to carefully decide which college they would like to go to. Without the pressure, students can carefully think what they really want and find the university or college that fits their needs. Moreover, rolling admissions allow students who want to take one more test or have delayed taking a standardized test more time to do this.

As mentioned, even teachers and counselors get stressed during this time since they have to write tons of recommendation letters. Opting for a college with rolling admission and apply even in December or January will give teachers more time to write a more meaningful recommendation letter on your behalf.

Another advantage of applying to a college with a rolling admission is that they have a faster response time since most of them operate on a first come, first serve basis. Just make sure that you know what their priority deadline is. Some of those which have this policy usually give their reply within two weeks to a month. This saves you the anxiety and more time to evaluate your next move in case you don't make it. There are also some colleges operating on a rolling admission basis which accepts students automatically if they have the minimum GPA or standardized test score.

If you decide to take this route and expecting some financial aid, make sure to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) immediately after you receive the decision letter from their colleges in order for them to make an informed financial decision.

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