The 2017 American Rhodes Scholars Revealed

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The Rhodes Trust through its American Secretary, Elliot F. Gerson announced the name of the men and women chosen as Rhodes Scholars and will be sent to study at the University of Oxford with all expenses paid on October 2017.

The Scholarship considered as one of the oldest and most famous grant was created in 1902 through the will of African colonial pioneer and philanthropist, Cecil Rhodes in partnership with other benefactors.

Applicants must be endorsed by their college or university and they should also meet the criteria stated in the Will of Cecil Rhodes. Mr. Rhodes wanted his scholars to embody leadership, have academic excellent prowess, impeccable character and committed to service.

The Scholarship grant covers 2 to 3 and in some cases 4 years of study at Oxford, depending on the academic field. It pays for all university fees, a stipend for living expenses while in Oxford and transportation to and from England. The total cost of the Scholarship is estimated at $68,000 per year and could go as high as $250,000 for scholars who spends 4 years in the university.

The Trust is giving out 95 Scholarships worldwide this year and our American representatives will be joining others from Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The 32 American awardees are:

  1. Joshua Pickar - University of Chicago Law School

  2. Maia Silber - Harvard University

  3. Sarah Waltcher - Dartmouth College

  4. Laura Courchesne - University of Georgia

  5. Nancy Ko - Harvard University

  6. Noah Remnick - Yale University

  7. Spencer Dunleavy - Harvard University

  8. Meghan Shea - Stanford University

  9. Cameron Clarke - Howard University

  10. Aryn Frazier - University of Virginia

  11. James Pavur - Georgetown University

  12. Jory Fleming - University of South Carolina

  13. Lucinda Ford - US Naval Academy

  14. Christian Nattiel - US Military Academy

  15. Kirk Smith - University of Tulsa

  16. Mikaila Smith - University of Texas at Austin

  17. Morgan Mohr - Indiana University

  18. Christa Grace Watkins - University of Notre Dame

  19. Olivia Klevorn - Yale University

  20. Pasquale Toscano - Washington and Lee University

  21. Aaron Robertson - Princeton University

  22. Ahmed M. Ahmed - Cornell University

  23. Lauren Jackson - University of Virginia

  24. Shegufta Huma - University of Kansas

  25. Hannah Carrese - Yale University

  26. Joshua Carter - Montana State University

  27. Pema McLouglin - Reed College

  28. Anthony Wilder Wohns - Harvard University

  29. Oscar De Los Santos - University of Southern California

  30. Alexis Doyle - University of Notre Dame

  31. Nicole Mihelson - Johns Hopkins University

  32. Caylin Moore - Texas Christian University

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