President-Elect Donald Trump’s Grandfather Was Banished from Germany


If Donald Trump is not the next President of the United States of America, Ronald Paul's discovery wouldn't have been as interesting. The historian from the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate found a royal decree that banished Friedrich Trump, President-elect's grandfather, from the Kingdom of Bavaria.

Ronald Paul revealed to a local tabloid that Friedrich Trump left for the USA and failed to inform the authorities and thus, wasn't able to carry out military service which is why he was punished.

Friedrich Trump was born in Kallstadt in 1869, a small town in southwestern Germany. In 1885, attracted by the gold rush, he emigrated to the US where he turned his attention to catering to the needs of other gold hunters in Alaska. This is where Trump began to build his fortune. It was also reported that his sisters have already moved to New York and began trading in property.

In 1901, Friedrich returned to Kallstadt for a visit where he met and fell in love with Elisabeth Christ. The two were married the following year and Elisabeth moved with her husband to the US. Later, she wanted to come back to Germany because of homesickness.

It was during this time that Friedrich's efforts of repatriation met denial. On February 27, 1905, Friedrich Trump was ordered to, "leave the kingdom of Bavaria within eight weeks as punishment for having failed to do mandatory military service and failing to give authorities notice of his departure to the US when he first emigrated in 1885." He was told that refusing to leave will cause him to be deported.

Friedrich even went to write an appeal to Prince Regent Luitpold but the prince did not heed his plea. So, on July 1, 1905, Friedrich his pregnant wife and daughter set sail for New York on board the steamship Pennsylvania.

Elisabeth later on gave birth to a son, Fred, Donald Trump's father.

Despite the President-elect's victory, the quiet little town of Kallstadt isn't excited about claiming the real estate mogul as one of their own.

So, if you're still looking for someone to blame for this month's election results apart from your friends, enemies, fellow Americans and the system, you can count the Germans for asking Friedrich Trump to leave.

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