A Scientific Advice on Mending a Broken Heart?


Let's be real. There's really no easy way to heal a broken heart. It's pretty hard to go through the recovering process when all you ask yourself is what went wrong. You keep wondering if you are getting back together, you hold on to that tiny spark of hope that things will still get better. Or you try to justify that parting ways is what's best for you.

There isn't just one way to heal a broken heart. And the time that it takes to recover varies for each person, but all you can ever wish for is to make it faster. But is there really a way to make moving on faster? Here are some of the love advice from experts so you can get over a break up fast.

1. According to a researcher, Lauren Howe of Stanford, you will find it more difficult to recover if you dwell and internalize rejection. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to learn and grow and accept it as a natural part of life.

2. Howe discovered that those people who are open to growth and accept that things, including their personality can change are the ones who struggle less when it comes to moving on.

3. A neuroscientist, Dr. Laura Brown, advices that "reinventing ourselves" is a crucial step in moving on from a breakup.

4. Your brain is a major reason why you find it hard to get over your ex because your brain is responsible for making you feel like your partner is a part of your autobiography when you are with them. This is the reason why you feel like a huge part of yourself is missing when they're gone.

5. Now what you need to do is to create brand new memories without your partner. Making big changes in your life after a break up can significantly help you move on because you will be writing a new autobiography without them.

Breakups are never easy. But if you want to take the fastest path to recover, don't linger in the past and begin living and enjoying your life, and start something totally different.

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