Romance Games Gets Popular; Do Women Prefer Sweet Virtual Men Than Real Ones? [Video]


Romance games are becoming a profitable niche as more people look for the perfect virtual partner especially in a culture or urban setting that can be alienating. Romance gaming has been on the rise specifically targeting single women who seemed to prefer the virtual boyfriend than the real one.

The mobile gaming market has been invading global markets worldwide. China ranks the highest, garnering 21.7 percent share followed by Japan with 20.6 percent and the United States with 20 percent. Other markets indicate minimal share of less than two digits.

However, romance gaming has nowhere been as popular as it is in Japan. In 2014, the romance gaming industry raked in $130 million dollars profit, confirming an underlying issue that prevails in Japanese culture.

Many Japanese women patronize romance games because they are lonely. The virtual boyfriend is sweet and gentle, saying lots of flattering words to make any woman feel good.

The Japanese man is often shy and not prone to saying sweet nothings. It is not surprising then that the romance gaming industry focused on women especially the millennials aged 18 to 34 years old.

The most popular romance games in Japan comes from Voltage with 88 romance titles that are played by 50 million Japanese women as reported in CNN. "Samurai Love Ballad Party" is a popular choice for it is about a female protagonist in a quest to save her brother and meets Samurai suitors along the way.

Romance games in Japan often tell stories. The epilogue is often free and subsequent chapters require in-app purchases. There can also be simulated sex scenes or interactions where the virtual partner tells you "I love you."

Many Japanese women who are virgins use romance games and keep their virtual boyfriends on their phones. In a survey among gamers, a significant number of Japanese women revealed that they are aware that their virtual boyfriends cannot be a substitute for the real one. Nonetheless, they still prefer the virtual and are not ready for a real relationship.

Voltage also feature romance games in English like the "My Lover is a Thief," which is intended specifically for North American female audiences according to the official website of Voltage. In the United States, female gamers have Cheritz.

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